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Our Services include:

The company operates the Special Services and Travel Services as Two distinct business units.

Medical & Emergency Assistance Services: Travel Management Services:

  Medical & Emergency Evacuation/
      Repatriation Services
  Personal effects shipping of the deceased
  National Medical evacuation to nearest
     medical facility.
  Transfer of patients to any Indian medical
  International Medical Evacuation (with or
      without medical escort).
  Fully equipped air conditioned ambulance
     service (air or ground).
  Cremation services in India.
  Coordination of family members travel with
  International repatriation of Human remain
\  Certification of Indian Documents.
\  Legalization/Apostille Services in India.
\  Surrogacy Assitance.

  Corporate Travel in India, UK and USA
  Leisure Holidays
  International & National Hotel reservations
  Visa and Travel Insurance services




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